We have a diverse team of staff members who bring a wide range of experiences and backgrounds to our school.  

This includes those who are recently trained and new to education, as well as those who have been part of Linwood Avenue for ten years or more.
This mix of backgrounds and experience helps us to draw on various perspectives when reaching decisions and developing our schools learning programmes.  

Like in all successful schools, teamwork is an essential part of what we do to meet the needs of our children.

Teachers 2019 -Please note: Due to building work around the school at the beginning of the year, there may be some changes as to where these rooms are in the school.
  • Room 1 - Y0/1 : Jill Morris
  • Room 2 - Y0/1:  
  • Room 3 - Y0/1: Lisa Eriksen            
  • Room 4 - Y1: Stacey Peacock
  • Room 5a - Y1/2: Fiona Barnes
  • Room 5b - Y1/2: Leanne Morgan
  • Room 6a- Y1/2: Tarsha King
  • Room 6b - Y1/2 Nicola Knowles
  • Room 7 - Y 3/4 Emma Burgess
  • Room 8 - Y 3/4 Kristine Telea / Grace Shearer
  • Room 9 - Y3/4 Dion Paxie / Karen Ryder
  • Room 10 - Y 4/5 Olivia Murray
  • Room 11 - Y5/6 Tessa Meha
  • Room 12 - Y5/6 Jane Thomson . Harriet Burke
  • Room 13 - Y5/6  Colin Hill (Stacey Nicholson Thur/Friday) / Victoria Brookland
  • English Language Learning: Kira Robb
  • Release teachers: Janice Parker, Jo Rodwell, Janine Gemmell, Kellie Spence
  • Literacy Support: Kerrie Hale
  • Learning Support co-ordinator: Keryn Boyle
  • Social Worker: Stephanie Saunders 
  • Pacific Island Language & Culture: 
  • Te Whitinga Language & Culture: Sherrilee Herangi Harrison         
  • Reading Support: Margie Maeder
  • Office Manager: Liz Jensen 
  • Finance & Administration Support: Rachel McGarvey 
  • School Caretaker: Peter Ryan    
  • Teacher Aides: Lorraine Sutton, Karen Glasson, Wendy Day, Glenis Youngman, Leanne Woodham, Michelle Finlayson, Jacque Feran, Kelly Taylor, Kim Moloney, Tracey Mantell, Moira MacDonald, , Rachelle Jackson, Kira Robb, Chris Telea, 
  • After School Programme (Youthtown) Supervisor: Rebecca

Teaching Teams

Junior (Piwakawaka) Team

Jill Morris
Lisa Eriksen
Stacey Peacock
Fiona Barnes (Team leader)
Leanne Morgan
Tarsha King
Nicola Knowles

Photograph to come.

Middle (Tui) Team
  • Grace Shearer
  • Karen Ryder
  • Dion Paxie (team leader)
  • Kristine Telea
  • Emma Burgess
Senior (Kea) team
  • Victoria Brookland 
  • Colin Hill  (team ldr)
  • Jane Thomson 
  • Harriet Burke
  • Tessa Meha 
  • Olivia Murray